Tungaloy Expands Square Shoulder Mill Series with Six-Edge Insert


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Tungaloy has expanded its DoForce-Tri line of square shoulder milling cutters to include a size-07 insert with six cutting edges for precision milling and insert economy. The insert is designed for efficient machining of small, intricate components made through near-net-shape molding. 

Tungaloy DoForce-Tri with 07 inserts

The DoForce-Tri 07 insert maximizes insert density and feed capability (as much as double that of the conventional trigonal insert) while maintaining the same depth of cut. This is thanks to the curved cutting edge geometry on a smaller insert. The insert is said to provide light cutting forces while maintaining better stability than standard positive milling inserts, making it good for machining parts on low-rigidity machines. The six cutting edges also include wiper edges for good surface finishes.  

Cutter diameters range from 18 to 32 mm and from 0.75" to 1.25" for the cylindrical type; and from 40 to 50 mm and 2.0" for the shell mill (bore) type.


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