Tungaloy Expands TungThread Line with 11ER Threading Inserts


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Tungaloy TungThread inserts and toolholder

Tungaloy has expanded its TungThread line of indexable threading tools to include 11ER external threading inserts as well as 8 × 8- and 10 × 10-mm square-shank holders to accommodate the new inserts. The threading inserts and square-shank holders are specifically designed for Swiss-type automatic lathes. The 11ER insert is smaller than conventional 16ER inserts, and the insert holders are designed to minimize interference when machining towards the subspindle, which the company says is an issue with a 16ER insert holder.Thread types are available for ISO metric threads in pitches ranging from 0.35 to 1.5 mm; V-profile pitches of 60 and 55 degrees; and partial-profile threads. 


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