Turn-Mill Center with Five-Axis Milling Spindle

From the IMTS Technology e-Newsletter (Sponsored)


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The Index G220 Turn-Mill Center in IMTS booth #338136 includes a motorized five-axis 18,000-rpm (max.) milling spindle and a tool turret with Y axis, providing maximum machining flexibility for turning and milling complex parts in a single setup from barstock up to 90 mm in diameter (chuck diameter 210 mm). Distance between spindles is 1,280 mm, maximum turning length is 1,000 mm.

Users in the precision parts industries including automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering will benefit from the high-accuracy, done-in-one capability of the machine.

The fluid-cooled, identical main and counter spindles provide power of 31.5/32 kW (100%/40%), torque of 125/170 Nm and a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm.

The fluid-cooled, five-axis motorized milling spindle (power 11 kW, torque 19/30 Nm, speed up to 18,000 rpm) has hydrostatic bearings in the Y/B axes. The stable circular guide provides excellent rigidity and damping. The Y axis features a ±80-mm stroke, the B axis (driven directly by a torque motor) has a swivel range of -50 to +230 degrees. With a large travel distance in the X direction, machining at up to 30 mm below the turning center height is possible.

The motorized milling spindle operates using a one or two-row tool chain magazine with space for 70 or 140 tools (HSK-A40). The double-row tool magazine enables setup during machining time.

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