Turn-Mill Completes Complex Parts In A Single Setup

The Puma MX series turn-mill adds milling capabilities to turning center operations so that complex parts can be produced on one machine in a single setup. According to the company, this dual spindle, multi-tasking machine is built for heavy and interrupted cuts, long-term accuracy and superior finishes.


The 12 station turning-tool turret is non-lifting to protect the coupling from chips and other contaminants, and indexes from station to station in 0.2 seconds. Live or static tools can be mounted at any station and oriented toward either the main or sub spindle. Live tools are powered by a 7.5 hp motor with a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm. Polar coordinate, helical and cylindrical interpolations are standard.


Depending on the model selected, the turning spindle is powered by either a 25hp or 35hp motor and driven at speeds as high as 5,000 or 3,500 rpm respectively. The motor is built into the headstock casting with the armature on the spindle OD. The company says this beltless design eliminates backlash, feedback error and vibration, resulting in lower maintenance with superior precision and finish.


A combined B-axis (tilting) and Y-axis milling spindle expands the number of geometries that can be machined without the need for custom rotary toolholders. This model can cut, drill or tap above or below the centerline or mill flats and keyways. It can also machine angular features. The milling spindle is powered by a 20hp motor and generates spindle speeds as high as 10,000 rpm.


A 24 station automatic tool changer is standard with 40and 80 stations available as options. Tool-to-tool change time is 1.5 seconds.


Each axis is driven by a large diameter, double-nut ballscrew, which the company says was selected for its combination of accuracy, speed and feed thrust. An electric torque limiter protects the ballscrews and minimizes damage in the event of a crash.


Among the standard features is an automatic tool setter to measure tool offsets. The offsets are automatically computed and fed into the controller, eliminating the risk of data entry errors. Also included is a tool monitoring system, which monitors spindle and axis load - both overload and underload- while the axis is feeding. Loads exceeding the wear settings either initiate an alarm, or switch automatically to a redundant tool. Exceeding the tool-breakage-load stops the machine and alerts the operator.


Puma turn-mills are available with dual spindles in models such as the MX2000ST and 2500ST, and as a single spindle with programmable tailstock in the Puma MX2500. Each accepts parts up to ø21.5" × 40.2". The controller is a Fanuc 18i-T.

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