Turning Center Offers Rigidity, Thermal Stability

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The ST-30 turning center is designed for rigidity, accuracy and thermal stability. Castings are engineered with finite element analysis (FEA) to produce rigid designs that improve chip and coolant flow and simplify maintenance and service, the company says. The spindle head features a compact, symmetric design for thermal stability and rigidity, and the 45-degree wedge design is said to increase the tool-mounting envelope and improve chip flow.   The turning center has a maximum cutting capacity of 20.75" × 26", with maximum swings of 32" over the front apron and 20.75" over the cross-slide. The spindle bore measures 3.5" and features a bar capacity of 3". The machine’s 30-hp vector dual-drive achieves speeds as fast as 3,400 rpm and provides 850 foot-pounds of cutting torque through a two-speed gearbox. On-the-fly, wye-delta switching is said to yield a wide constant-horsepower band for constant surface feed cuts.   The turning center features an A2-6 spindle nose and comes equipped with a 10" hydraulic three-jaw chuck. A 12-station bolt-on style tool turret is standard, and half-station indexing is available to provide 24 total positions. A 12-station VDI turret and a 24-station hybrid VDI/BOT turret are optional. The machine comes standard with the company’s Intuitive Programming System, a 15" color LCD monitor and USB connectivity. Other available features include a belt-type chip conveyor; a hydraulic tailstock; an automatic tool probe; live tooling with C axis; an automatic parts catcher; and high-pressure coolant systems. Also available is a high speed version of the SS-30 turning center, which features a 4,800-rpm spindle and 1,200-ipm rapids.

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