Turning Centers' Slant-Bed Design Maximizes Precision

Colchester Machine Tool Solutions, rebranded from 600 UK, has launched a new line of Typhoon CNC turning centers, including linear and boxway models.

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Colchester Machine Tool Solutions, rebranded from 600 UK, has launched a new line of Typhoon CNC turning centers, including linear and boxway models. The machines are designed to offer cutting performance and accurate component finish at every stage of operation.

Available models include the quick, low-friction linear L series and the heavy-duty boxway B series. The turning centers are available with variations including two-axis, C-axis, subspindle and Y-axis functions in a range of bar capacities to suit many turning applications.

The turning centers are fitted with a FANUC Oi-TF control system with Manual Guide i. 

The one-piece, cast-iron base has a 30-degree slant-bed design that lowers the center of gravity and improves ergonomics, maximizing precise cutting regardless of component complexity. 

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