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Turning Grades Boost Productivity, Lower Costs


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High-performance Widia Victory turning grades are designed to deliver high productivity, improved surface finishes and longer tool life in steel and cast iron applications. They are also designed to lower manufacturing costs, the company says.
The Victory TN7100 series of coated-carbide inserts is engineered for finishing, medium-duty applications and rough machining virtually all types of alloyed and unalloyed steels. The inserts’ higher metal-removal rates increase productivity.
The coating is micro-engineered in both composition and post-coat treatment to provide toughness and wear resistance. It also resists built-up edge. 
Specifically, the Victory TN7105, TN7110 and TN7115 grades are designed for light- and medium-duty steel turning. Increased wear resistance increases tool life at high cutting speeds, and enhanced edge strength resists depth of cut notching, even in interrupted cuts, the company says.