Turning Grades Reduce Tooling Costs in Steel Applications

Sumitomo Electric Carbide has released the AC8000P series of grades for steel turning.


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Sumitomo Electric Carbide has released the AC8000P series of grades for steel turning. These grades feature an Absotech platinum CVD coating for longer tool life and an overall cost reduction in steel cutting. For improved performance, the grades consists of this coating, a surface layer and a smooth surface treatment from the crystal-orientation process.

Three grades are available to meet a range of application requirements.  The AC8015P grade offers good wear resistance during high-speed, high-efficiency steel cutting. Its edge treatment and newly developed coating result in twice the crater wear resistance compared to conventional grades. The AC8025P grade is designed to be reliable during general purpose steel cutting. Its special surface treatment results in improved tool surface smoothness as well as increased adhesion and chipping resistance. Finally, the AC8035P grade provides stability during interrupted steel cutting. Its surface treatment reduces residual tensile stress in the coating for increased fracture resistance.

The range of applications for the series includes ring gears, CVT parts, toolholders, axle ends, bushings, flanges, gears and more.


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