Turning, Tool Management Products Designed for Digitized Shops

IMTS 2018: Sandvik Coromant offers several turning and digital machining products. 


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Sandvik Coromant offers several turning and auxiliary digital machining products to help manufacturers improve cycle times, increase parts per run, decrease machine downtime, and eliminate duplicate work and scrapping of expensive materials.

Turning Reinvented includes the Y-Axis Parting product and the PrimeTurning solution. Designed to improve stability, the CoroCut QD part-off blade feeds in the Y direction to realign cutting forces and reduce noise levels. The top face of the insert is now placed parallel to the end of the blade, rotating the insert seat 90 degrees counterclockwise. The blade cuts into the workpiece with its front end, which roughly aligns the resultant vector of cutting forces with the longitudinal axis of the blade.

PrimeTurning includes two CoroTurn Prime tools and the PrimeTurning code generator, which supplies optimized programming codes and techniques. CoroTurn Prime inserts have three edges per corner for longitudinal, facing and profiling operations, respectively. This construction distributes wear over a longer edge and not just the insert tip. It also moves heat away from the cutting zone, increasing insert life.

Digital solutions include CoroPlus ToolGuide and CoroPlus ToolLibrary, which recommend and organize tools, respectively. CoroPlus Process Control includes CoroPlus Collision Detector, CoroPlus ToolGuard and CoroPlus Machine Health Inspector. 


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