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8/10/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Turnkey CNC Emulator Brings Legacy Fadal CNCs Up to Speed

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Power Automation America offers a Fadal turnkey retrofit operator panel, the PA FDL, based on emulation technology.

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Power Automation America offers a Fadal turnkey retrofit operator panel, the PA FDL, based on emulation technology. THe open-architecture, software-based CNC behaves like the legacy Fadal CNC, the company says. The panel layout and labeling has been created in the same familiar style using an industrial-quality 17" high-resolution touchscreen with attached articulated keyboard. The retrofit panel is capable of running existing Fadal programs (Format 1 and Format 2) without rewriting.

Over and above the legacy functions, the PA FDL includes new advanced functions that update the system to industry standards, including MTConnect-compliant interface and future Industry 4.0 requirements. The system integrates smoothly with modern manufacturing offices, contributing to shopfloor efficiency, the company says.

Installation of retrofit CNCs typically requires complicated rewiring due to connector incompatibility resulting in engineering cost and lengthy production downtime. However, the plug-compatible design of the PA FDL eliminates these hurdles and eases installation. Installation requires no specialized skills or tools and typically takes a few hours from start to finish. Less than a day of downtime is standard to complete the entire retrofit, the company says.

The PA FDL is also said to improve the machine’s efficiency and performance. The advanced software empowers the machine to move faster and with greater precision, producing smoother finishes with less wear and tear on the equipment. Fadal machines retrofitted with the PA FDL report high productivity gains, according to Power Automation America.

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