Twin-Belt Conveyor Avoids Chip Ball Jams

IMTS 2018: Jorgensen’s Auger Conveyor features a centerless screw design for removal of chips, fines and sludge when space requirements restrict the use of other types of conveyors.


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Jorgensen’s MunchMan II employs a twin-belt conveyor arrangement at the lower curve and through the incline and chip discharge areas of the system. The primary and secondary belts run in unison to grab hold of chips, compress them and securely carry them up steep inclines, eliminating the risk of conveyor jams caused by chip balls tumbling at the lower curve or jamming in the conveyor incline section.

The system is both efficient and cost effective in eliminating costly machine downtime, according to the company. 

The company’s UVS Ecologic conveyor control with Jam Manager functionality enables unattended, automatic clearing of minor conveyor james.