Twin-Spindle Turning Center Offers Large Machining Area


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Methods Machine Tools introduces the Nakamura-Tome NTRX-300, a multitasking turning center capable of complete part machining in one operation with a built-in automated load/unload system and operator recognition management software. The multitasking center is available in two models, one with 8" (203-mm) chucks and 2.5" (63.5-mm) bar capacity, and one with 10" (250-mm) chucks and 3.15" (80-mm) bar capacity.

The machine features true opposing twin spindles, and can be equipped with 8" A2-6 25-hp or 10" A2-8 30-hp spindles. A 25-hp, 12,000-rpm tool spindle and a FANUC 31I A5 control enable five-axis capabilities in a large machining area. According to the supplier, NTRX-300 can machine a 10" square on the face of a part with no C-axis rotation required, thanks to its 5" (125-mm) below-center X-axis travel and a 10" (250-mm) Y-axis travel. A 53.15" (1,350-mm) distance between spindles eliminates any interference of tooling during multitasking. An NT Collision Guard feature helps prevent machine collision while an airbag function minimizes damage in the event of one.

The bed design uses a vertical-column structure mounted on a horizontal machine bed for high rigidity and thermal stability. A uniform load applied over the machine bed during slide movement further promotes stability. The multitasking center has a standard 40-tool automatic toolchanger and is available with options for 80- and 120-tool ATCs. The high-performance automation system is equipped with loading and unloading grippers at the ATC magazine.

The NTRX-300 features a graphic user interface on a 19" color LCD monitor. The NT Smart X Operation Software (using Windows 8.1) offers an “operation level management” function to view operator clearance level; “productivity monitor” function that shows the status, productivity graph and capacity utilization of the machine; and a “loading monitor” function that offers detailed load information. The NT Smart X screen enables an operator to view the NC program while watching 3D interface check and to view CNC coordinates while watching the machining area through a video camera. Voice guidance and production management are also included.



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