Two-Axis CNC Lathes Built For Stability

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Available from Clausing Industrial, the Clausing/Colchester T-series CNC two-axis lathes include the Storm T2, T4 and T8. The precision-turning machines are available in chucking, bar-feed and “lights-out” models. The machines are driven by GE Fanuc 21i TB controls, and their GE Fanuc spindle drives enable acceleration to top speed in 2 seconds. Other features include 12-station, VDI turrets with bi-directional operation; axis torque monitoring and crash detection; and slideway and carriageway assemblies designed for high performance.


The machines feature large cast-iron beds with precision ground surfaces. The beds are mounted on an unstressed, filled-fabricated Duo-stable engineered base, which is designed for strength, vibration absorption and thermal and mechanical stability. Maximum bar diameter ranges from 1.65" on the T2 to 2.59" on the T8, and maximum turning diameter ranges from 6.69" on the T2 to 10.23" on the T8. Maximum turning length ranges from 13.78" on the T2 to 21.76" on the T8. The T2 and T4 have rapid traverse of 394 ipm in the X axis and 787 ipm in the Z axis, while the T8 features rapid traverse of 984 ipm in the X axis and 1,181 ipm in the Z axis.

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