Two-Finger Parallel Grippers Deliver 1,400-N Force

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The PEH series of Schunk’s servo-electric, two-finger parallel gripers includes size 30 and size 50, the latter of which has maximum stroke of 100 mm per finger. These universal long-stroke grippers are suited for a variety of parts, from small components to large workpieces. The guides are designed for precise handling of heavy workpieces. The gripping force can be adapted to the broad application spectrum and can be as much as 1,400 N for the PEH 50 with maximum finger lengths of 250 mm. The grippers are driven by a brushless servomotor, which transfers its power directly to the ball-bearing drive spindle. The base jaws are moved by a driver on the spindle. A kinematic unit synchronizes the movements of the two base jaws based on the rack-and-pinion principle, which ensures exact centric gripping with a repeat accuracy of 0.05 mm. The company says its controller enables easy programming, pre-configuration and commissioning. Single commands can be combined to form complete tasks, and command libraries can also be used for other modules.

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