Two Linear Stage Series Available with Multiple Motor Options

IMTS 2018: Aerotech’s two Eco linear stage series feature 44 models with travels ranging from 50 mm to 800 mm.


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Aerotech’s two Eco linear stage series feature 44 models with travels ranging from 50 to 800 mm. They are available with direct-drive linear motors, rotary servomotors or stepping motors. Vacuum and cleanroom versions are available as well.

According to the company, the series offer low cost of ownership for motion designs. Positioning specifications, high stiffness, and variety of options make the series suitable for applications requiring motion performance.

Recirculating linear bearings contribute to geometric performance. The series’ stages can be integrated into complex machines.

The Eco-LM series’ direct-drive linear motor stages feature noncontact linear encoders. They enable minimum incremental motion to 10 Nm with micron-level repeatability. The optional Halar factory calibration improves positioning accuracy to ±1.5 µm. The ironless forcer coil provides high force with zero cogging for velocity and position control. The linear motor has no backlash, windup or friction, the company says. The stages are available in 17 different models with travels ranging from 100 to 800 mm and speeds ranging to 2 m/s. Configurable cable-management solutions are available for single- and multi-axis systems.

The Eco-SL series includes several NEMA 23 stepper motor and brushless servomotor options. Encoder options provide electrical resolutions ranging from 0.5 µm to sub-nm. A holding brake can be added for vertical applications. A motor fold-back kit is available to reduce stage length. The series’ stages are available in 27 different models with travels ranging from 50 to 800 mm and speeds ranging to 300 mm/s.