Ultrasonic Cleaner Handles Large, Heavy Parts with Pneumatic Lift



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Omegasonics, a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, has introduced the PowerLift 4560, large-capacity ultrasonic cleaning system with 6,000 W of peak ultrasound. The system is designed to clean heavy parts by enabling the operator to lower and lift parts out of the tank with an assisted pneumatic lift. The lift is available with an optional agitation feature controlled by a touchscreen. Agitation moves the basket up and down with a 3" stroke to remove any loose dirt remaining in crevices after the ultrasonic process.

The PowerLift 4560 is an ideal ultrasonic cleaning tool for those cleaning large, heavy items such as transmission cases, large castings and molds, and heat exchangers, the company says. The 120-gallon tank measures 38" × 29" × 19". The machine is designed with the piston outside of the bath, providing increased space utilization to save on wasted cleaning detergent costs.