Universal Wheel Skimmer

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The company has introduced the new Rustlick universal wheel skimmer. This molded frame comes with a 12" wheel and can be converted to 18" wheel and/or high temperature application wheel. Tramp oil seals the surface of the coolant in sump against air, providing a growth environment for the microorganisms. The universal wheel skimmer removes these oils automatically, reliably and economically, the company says. It is said to prolong coolant life by eliminating tramp oils and to cut maintenance and machine downtime. This universal wheel skimmer is said to have a small footprint to fit most sump and offers bi-directional tramp oil drains as well as a chemical-resistant frame and wheel. It comes pre-assembled with a 12" wheel. Specifications are 120V, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 0.6 AMP.


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    Precision Tool Technologies found capacity for diversification not by adding machines, people or space, but by freeing up time. Running unattended—running so it can machine through all 168 hours in the week—has enabled this shop to use hours when staff is present to deliver work that lands outside its established specialty. To achieve unattended machining, some of the biggest challenges have related to basic details such as chips and coolant.

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    Unfortunately, along with this shop's successful growth rate came some new problems, the same problems experienced by many other companies: coolant odor, dermatitis outbreaks and rust.

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    With their strong attention to routine housekeeping, it's not surprising that this shop carefully researched all methods for removing tramp oil from coolant in machine sumps. If tramp oil is allowed to build up in the coolant, the resulting shop odor, smoke generation and unpleasant conditions for the operators will quickly undermine all efforts to keep a clean shop and maintain an optimum working environment.

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