Updated CAD/CAM Software Improves Machine Simulation

IMTS 2018: CNC Software Inc.’s Mastercam 2019 improves productivity with multi-axis milling automation features.


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CNC Software Inc.’s Mastercam 2019 improves productivity with multi-axis milling automation features, CAD and model preparation updates, expanded 3D tooling, Accelerated Finishing, and turning and mill-turn enhancements.

The software features automated 2D through five-axis toolpath improvements. Redesigned chamfering and holemaking strategies, along with multi-axis deburring, facilitate automation. Updated milling toolpath strategies improve machine performance and surface finish. The software includes support for the Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning method, enhanced grooving, bar feed, and other features for turning and mill-turn applications, as well as Swiss-style machine support.

The software features enhanced CAD functionality and 3D model import support, improved part preparation and fixture setup tools, additional PowerSurface capabilities, and expanded support for Model-Based Definition (MBD).

Its expanded digital tool library capability contributes to accurate 3D tool assembly models. The software also features updates for Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus and MachiningCloud platforms. Expanded Accelerated Finishing supports taper and lens-style tools to reduce cycle time and improve surface finish.

With improvements to toolpath and machine simulation, toolpath graphics, and other verification and analysis tools, the software makes job-related decisions easier. Support for block drilling multiple holes simultaneously and better axis control in simulation enables checking of machine limits or collision checking.

The software improves job documentation and management, and addresses quality and certification initiatives. Updated toolpath visualization capabilities and section view tools, as well as updates to view and setup sheets, improve management of job workflow.


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