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8/9/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Updated CAM Suite Enables Production of T Slots, Design of Electrodes

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Open Mind Technologies has introduced version 2017.2 of its HyperMill CAM software suite enhanced for speed and flexibility.


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Open Mind Technologies has introduced version 2017.l2 of its HyperMill CAM software suite enhanced for speed and flexibility.

It is designed to enable the production of T slots with a few clicks. Two types of feature recognition are included: T slots, and pockets with bottom and T slots.

Another feature is 3D Optimized Roughing, a machining enhancement for roughing rest material. To further optimize stepover strategy, the user can adjust machining parameters to the condition of the tool by calculating optimal width in relation to additional chip thickness and depth value, which is beneficial for tools with longer cutting lengths that can be controlled using a maximum stepover parameter.

The software also includes HyperCAD-S Electrode, which was developed for CAM programmers and is said to enable fast design of electrodes without requiring specialized design skills. The programmer selects the faces on the workpiece, and the software creates a collision-free electrode with the necessary surfaces from the model, ensuring accuracy and integrity. The system is designed to support the user with their own dialogue window and feature type during electrode programming. Data is transferred directly from the HyperCAD-S module into the feature information to simplify programming and avoid errors. Further functions include the positioning of fixturing components, providing the ability to fixture and adjust to match whichever side of the part the user is making. For example, elements such as clamping jaws can be moved linearly or radially to the optimal position.

Two new functions for HyperMill for SolidWorks have been added, designed to enable operators to have a perfect face and curve created automatically for swarf-cutting based on selected geometries. With this utility, unavailable in SolidWorks alone, interior corners can be automatically filleted, ensuring optimal machining.

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