Updated Manufacturing Software Increases Job Shop Productivity

Version 10.1 of JobBoss shopfloor manufacturing software delivers updated features and product enhancements designed to increase productivity for job shops. These enhancements include a simplified login and improved lookups in the software’s Workstation Driver, which reduce employee login time and increase overall productivity, the company says. The auto-fill function in the software’s ShopView is intended to minimize the time spent looking for specific information. The software also highlights which fields are required and editable within the system. This reduces data-entry time and improves accuracy, the company says. Additional enhancements are included in material planning, RFQ, job status, part history and time/attendance reports. This version of the software also has new functions including Change-History to audit changes made to jobs; Timestamp in notes to capture date, time and user; and ShopView to see customer quotes and customer e-mail addresses. In addition, the software’s check-printing format (U.S. or Canadian) is now user-defined by bank.

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