Updated Software Creates Tool Paths Based on Multiple Factors

DP Technology has released the 2016 version of its Esprit CAM software.

DP Technology has released the 2016 version of its Esprit CAM software. This version features a new high-speed lathe roughing strategy called ProfitTurning that uses the company’s physics-based cutting engine and is designed to reduce cycle times. While traditional cutting strategies only consider the geometry of the part, ProfitTurning creates the tool path based on multiple cutting factors and machine characteristics that impact machining performance, the company says. This strategy improves chip control on hard materials such as titanium and Inconel, and reduces irregular cutting forces and vibration tendencies.

Advanced settings provide programmers with enhanced tool management capabilities. Additional barrel tool support has been extended to cover more three- and five-axis cutting cycles. The cloud-enabled software supports the MachiningCloud app, enabling users to retrieve cutting tool data and import it directly into Esprit.

The software also features enhanced CAD recognition functions to correct and detect any acute defects in imported models. Users can now edit or remove fillets or even extract a spine curve from fillets as a tool drive curve in machining operations. The hole feature recognition functionautomatically recognizes different types of complex holes and names them accordingly. Esprit also measures the curvature angle of open holes, making complex drilling operations more accurate and productive, the company says.

Wire EDM improvements in this version ease rough cutting and prolong tool life, the company says. One feature specifies additional clearance for cutoff moves to reduce required grinding, and another is designed to protect the wire from rethreading where there is no pre-drilled thread hole.

Additional features support five-axis operations, such as eliminating plunge-type moves in swarf cycles and smoothing defects in spiral finishing. The feed rate for spiral roughing can now be increased for non-cutting moves to save time. 

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