USB Connectivity For Fadal CNCs

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Available from Calmotion, the USB-CNC-FAD controller provides Fadal CNCs with USB connectivity. Acting as a stand-alone controller, it accepts conventional USB flash key memory and interfaces to Fadal machine tools equipped with any version of the CNC88 control. According to the company, users can upgrade without any machine hardware or software changes.


In addition, the controller allows all part programs to be stored on one device connected to the machine. This means that operators can select the programs they need from the machine without having to maintain a PC on the shop floor. Users type commands into the controller via the Fadal machine tool pendant keypad. The monitor displays file information as if it were an integral part of the control. Because an active menu shows all available commands, users don't have to memorize USB file interface commands.  


All files or user-selected files can be uploaded or downloaded into the CNC’s memory as needed. An internal DNC operation can drip-feed programs that are too large to store on the CNC’s internal memory. A search and mid-tape start function allows the operator to start at a specific location in a program file. In addition, tooling information that is modified during operation can be saved.