VELO3D Announces Sapphire Gen 2 and Sapphire XC Printers

VELO3D is releasing the Sapphire XC, a large-format printer based upon its Sapphire 3D printing architecture, starting in Q4 2021.


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A press diagram showing the upcoming Sapphire XC and the dimensions of its build plate

VELO3D is expanding its systems portfolio to include Sapphire XC, an “Extra Capacity” large-format printer the company says will increase production throughput fivefold and reduce cost-per-part by up to 75% when compared to the existing Sapphire system.

The company also announced plans to roll-out Sapphire Gen 2, which will be a software and hardware upgrade to the current system, starting Q2 2021. Users can expect an improvement of anywhere between 10-50% in productivity and part-cost metrics when compared to the current Sapphire system.

The Sapphire product family now includes Sapphire Gen 2, the 1-meter-tall Sapphire 1MZ and Sapphire XC – all of which use the laser powder-bed fusion (LPBF) process with patented capabilities to print without support structures. VELO3D targets its Sapphire systems to the aerospace, power generation and energy markets.

“For the first time, customers will be able to 3D-print uncompromised geometries, with the highest confidence in part quality, in a large format system,” says Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D.

Sapphire XC features a 600 mm x 550 mm build volume and eight lasers at 1,000W each, compared to the regular Sapphire’s 315 mm x 400 mm dimensions and 2 lasers at 1,000W. The printer is fully integrated with Flow pre-print software and Assure quality control software. Sapphire XC uses the same architecture as the original model, meaning users can expect similar material properties. Compatible alloys include Aluminum F357, Titanium 6AI-4V, INCONEL 718 and HASTELLOY X.

Delivery of Sapphire XC will begin in Q4 2021, with early preorders securing a special price and early manufacturing slot. VELO3D expects existing orders for Sapphire XC to consume all available manufacturing slots for Q4 ’21 and most of Q1 ’22.