Verisurf Companion App Offers DRO, Remote Control Functions

Verisurf Software now offers a companion app to its metrology software designed to improve productivity, especially when large parts or assemblies are involved.


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Verisurf Companion App on an iPhone


Verisurf Software now offers a companion app to its metrology software designed to improve productivity in applications that benefit from the software’s measurement, build and inspection capabilities, especially when large parts or assemblies are involved. The app amounts to a real-time digital readout (DRO) for Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch.

The mobile Verisurf Companion App interfaces directly with Verisurf Software and most measurement hardware devices to display real-time coordinate position and 3D deviation from nominal geometry. The mobile connection with Verisurf software is established via any wireless access point, enabling remote features.

These remote features include Build, enabling the user to see Build/Inspect results in real time; Auto-Inspect, which starts inspection plans, triggers the measurement device and more; Reports, enabling the user to view, browse and search all Verisurf Reports; Measure, enabling the user to tap for measuring a single/stationary point or activate continuous measurement mode; and Bar Code Scanner, which loads any Verisurf job file via bar code scanning.

The app is free for Verisurf customers. The app is compatible with Verisurf 2017 and later. The Auto-Inspect function requires Verisurf 2019 Update 1.


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