Vertical Vise For Wire EDM(2)


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Hirschmann’s newly-designed “Monster” vertical vise H4538 is a counterpart to the H4537 “Mighty” vise. Developed for use with the company’s fixturing system 4000, this product provides positive clamping of one or two independent workpieces in one setup. Two separate clamping jaws are incorporated and no supporting spacers or jackscrews are needed as is normally the case with “toe-clamp” type devices. The jaws have two workpiece height ranges—2.36" to 3.74" (60 mm to 95 mm) and 3.15" to 4.53" (80 mm to 115 mm). The latter is achieved by relocating the clamping jaws at a higher level. The jaws can also be inverted to provide a clamping range of 0.79" to 2.36" (20 mm to 60 mm). According to the company, near collision-free clamping is possible within the range of 3.15" to 4.53" (80 mm to 115 mm). Removable positive side steps are included on both sides of the vise for aligning repetitive workpieces.

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