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Vises For Large Parts

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A 21-inch jaw opening and 20,000 lbs of clamping force make Kurt’s XL 8" vises suited for large parts that require high-speed machining operations. The vises lock precisely and offer rigidity for high-horsepower hogging operations as well as high-precision milling and drilling operations. The vises feature the company’s Anglock design, a pull-type jaw clamping design feature that reduces stationary jaw deflection by at least 80 percent. The design prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping loads. A hardened spherical segment mechanism produces “all directional” alignment of the jaw components and vise body so clamped parts remain stationary for accurate machining operations. The vises have 6"- and 8"-jaw widths with openings as large as 21". A reverse model is available that minimizes reach-over distance for unusually large parts, making part loading easier, the company says.


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