Vises Symmetrically Clamp Workpieces, Reduce Setup Time

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Kurt’s Self-Centering vise is designed to position and clamp workpieces on a defined symmetrical axis. According to the company, it is useful for applications requiring that a series of the vises be lined up on a machine worktable. A jaw-adjustment feature is designed to quickly match centerlines in multiple-vise setups. Centering accuracy from minimum to maximum opening is 0.0006" with 0.0002" repeatability. Both movable jaws feature the company’s Anglock design. This pull-type jaw-clamping design feature is said to reduce stationary jaw deflection. In addition, it prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping loads, the company says. A hardened spherical segment mechanism produces “all-directional” alignment of the jaw components and vise body to keep clamped parts stationary for machining operations. The vises have 80,000-psi ductile iron bodies with precision-machined steel components. According to the company, this provides strength, rigidity, accuracy and vibration resistance. The vises are available in two models: model SCD430 has a 4" jaw width and 6.25" jaw opening, while model SCD640 has a 6" jaw width and 8" jaw opening. Additional features include hardened jaws; hardened bed ways; chip guards; lip seals on the main screw; and optional InnerLock jaw plates, which are designed to further reduce setup time.