VMC Outfitted for Various Automation Options


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Makino offers the L2 vertical machining center designed for high-volume, small-part manufacturing. Combining a rigid construction, compact footprint and flexible spindle design, the L2 provides a highly stable and reliable machine platform for fully unattended, 24/7 part processing, the company says.

The X-, Y- and Z-axis travels on the machine measure 15.74" × 11.81" × 11.81" (400 × 300 × 300 mm). An integrated A-axis rotary table and automatic pallet-change system can accommodate workpiece sizes ranging to 16.26" × 10.51" × 8.46" (413 × 267 × 215 mm). The A axis provides six integral ports for hydraulics and pneumatics to support fully automated fixtures. An optional fixed-table configuration without pallet-change system is also available, and can accommodate a maximum workpiece size of 16.26" × 10.51" × 8.46" (413 × 267 × 215 mm).

Rapid traverse rates of 1,890 ipm (48,000 mm/min.) and acceleration rates of 2.0, 1.5 and 1.7 G in the X, Y and Z axes, respectively, contribute to reduced non-cut times as well as positioning and chip-to-chip times. Configured with 0.05-micron scale feedback and a highly rigid machine design, the L2 VMC is both quick and highly accurate, the company says.

Equipped with a 16,000-rpm HSK-A50 spindle, the L2 accommodates a range of applications. Through-spindle, nozzle, overhead shower and fixture wash coolant systems provide quick and efficient evacuation of chips from the machine work area. A center-trough chip conveyor rapidly removes the chips from the machine. The machine features a 30-tool capacity automatic toolchanger (ATC) that can accommodate tool diameters ranging 3.14" (80 mm) and lengths ranging to 9.84" (250 mm). An optional 8,000-rpm spindle configuration is also available.

The A-axis rotary table facilitates access to multiple sides of the workpiece in a single setup, and the automatic pallet changer delivers a fast 3-sec. pallet change. The machine is designed to ease integration within a variety of automated transfer and loading configurations including exterior loading arms, gantry loaders, and fixed or movable robot loaders.