VMC’s Components Promote Speed, Accuracy

SMTCL Americas’ VMC850B is designed to provide power, speed and accuracy.

SMTCL USA, Inc.’s VMC850B is designed to provide power, speed and accuracy. It features a full FANUC package, including drives, motors, resolvers and a 0i control. It also uses a GIFU 24-position side toolchanger and a Spintech 10,000-rpm spindle with a high-quality rotary union for through-spindle coolant. The THK linear ways pump lube directly to the high-quality bearings. Other components include Hi-Win ballscrews, a Bijur lubricating system and Grundfos. The German casting design gives the machine a firm, rigid structure.

The 40-taper VMC can machine aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, Inconel and titanium with good surface finish. The 50-taper version, with its ZF 2-speed gear box, can reduce cycle times and improve finishes for users machining titanium.

The machine has a maximum rapid feed rate of 1,250 ipm and a cutting feed rate of 787 ipm.  The through-spindle coolant enables increased speeds while maintaining good finish, and deeper roughing passes reduce cycle time.

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