VMCs For Non-Stop Production

System 3 VMCs feature two separate work spaces for parallel loading and unloading with one or two (TWIN) working spindles. Available from Stama America, the machines are equipped with a 180-degree swivel worktable design that allows both simultaneous machining operations and simultaneous loading/unloading of workpieces. The two separated clamping surfaces are said to offer easy access and safety. The worktable can accommodate two workpieces weighing as much as 1,155 lbs. each. Because the enclosure allows free chip fall, the machine is suitable for both wet and dry machining, the company says. High-rigidity headstocks are available on both single- and twin-spindle models. On the twin models, spindles can be provided with distance between centers measuring 10.47", 12.59" or 15.74". The direct-drive spindle cartridges are designed for easy maintenance and change-over. Featuring the company’s custom tool-management system, which is said to shorten chip-to-chip time, the machines’ ATCs accommodate 42 tools or an optional 120 tools. Spindle speeds range to 20,000 rpm. The machines are available in four sizes. In addition, the company offers various options to convert a machine to a work cell. These include portal loaders; integrated part loading, unloading and storage; and robotic loading via conveyor or customer-transfer line integration.

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