VocalZoom's Vibration Sensors Operate, Channel Data Wirelessly

VocalZoom’s autonomous sensors combine contactless, high-resolution vibration sensor technology with built-in data processing and wireless communications for low-cost and fast deployment.


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VocalZoom’s autonomous sensors combine contactless, high-resolution vibration sensor technology with built-in data processing and wireless communications for low-cost and fast deployment of monitoring applications in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments. The laser sensors measure motion and vibrations of any surface to enable industrial manufacturers to monitor the real-time health and performance of engines, turbines, pumps and more. Because of their compact and contactless form, the sensors can function on hot, wet and moving surfaces, and they even continue to analyze mechanical health through glass, according to the company. The autonomous sensors also include built-in real-time data processing and decentralized data logic powered by Ucontrol’s uPC platform, offering a standalone solution for edge processing and data analytics. The system can connect to a computer in the manufacturer’s production line or to an internal or external cloud.

Combining VocalZoom’s sensor and data processor into one unit allows the autonomous sensor to measure and analyze results without additional products. This makes it a more affordable alternative to many other solutions on the market, the company claims. Even while calculating rpm, thickness, vibration anomalies, height, rotation, homogeneity, weight and flow, the optical sensors don’t influence the product, resulting in more accurate readings. Unlike traditional monitoring systems, VocalZoom says, the sensors are not susceptible to ambient noise or vibrations.

The autonomous sensor enables automatic wireless LAN setup; provides real-time alerts via text and email; connects directly to on-premise computers or programmable logic controllers; streams raw data to a secured gateway over wireless (optional); provides customizable dashboards for monitoring; and utilizes smart power management for low batter power consumption.


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