Walter USA Now Offers Custom Indexable Inserts Through Its Xpress Service

Walter USA has added indexable inserts to the range of products available via the Walter Xpress fast delivery service.


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Walter USA has added custom indexable inserts to the range of products available via Walter Xpress, a three- to four-week delivery service. Previously, the special custom solutions available with Walter Xpress had been limited to round tools and tools that hold indexable inserts. They also had to be “close to the standard tools.” 

The inserts available via Walter Xpress include the high-performance P600x replaceable-tip drilling inserts and Walter Cut MX multi-edge grooving inserts. The P600x drilling inserts are offered in quantities of 10 to 200 pieces with diameters ranging from 0.472" to 1.496" (12 to 37.99 mm). Available in intermediate steps between nominal sizes or with special features such as chamfers or corner radii, these tools are suitable for holes with a tolerance of IT8 or IT9, either in intermediate steps between the nominal sizes or with a special feature such as a chamfer or a corner radius. The four-edged indexable inserts in the Walter Cut MX grooving system are offered in quantities of 10 to 50 pieces. These have a maximum cutting depth of 0.24" (6 mm) and a cutting width ranging from 0.04" to 0.13" (1 to 3.3 mm). The specials for MX inserts can include steps between nominal sizes or a feature such as a full radius, straight edge or a 30- to 50-degree chamfer. 

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