Walter's AC001 and A3000 Introduce Preset Vibration Damping

Walter’s AC001 vibration damping adaptor for long milling tools and A3000 boring bar line include preset axially and radially flexible damper elements to enhance stability for machining deep cavities.


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A cross-section rendering of Walter's Accure-tec AC001 anti-vibration adaptor for long milling tools

Walter has launched its Accure-tec AC001 vibration damping adaptor for shell mill mount milling cutters. It increases productivity, stability, surface quality and tool and spindle life, with Walter particularly recommending it for deep pocket milling in operations at depths of up to 4 times the diameter.

Walter uses axially and radially flexible positioned damper elements it presets at the factory to grant the AC001 optimal vibration damping. Presetting also enables shops to use tools without spending additional time fine-tuning.

The company says these Accure-tec adaptors increase the versatility of its Xtra-Tec XT milling cutter range, enhancing production quality of components with deep cavities — for example, those in aircraft construction and general aerospace, as well as those in the automotive, die and mold, energy and general metalworking industries. Users benefit from both the vibration damping and lower noise levels.

According to Walter, Accure-tec toolholding delivers longer tool life, optimized chip removal, higher productivity and greater process reliability at depths of cut up to three times that obtained with conventional methods. Walter’s Accure-tec line is compatible with Walter Capto, HSK/HSK-T, ISO, MAS-BT, CAT and parallel shank machine interfaces.

In addition, Walter has announced new sizes for its Accure-tec A3000 boring bar line, incorporating the same technology as the AC001 vibration-free long milling tool adaptor. The A3000 is now available in 1.00” and 25 mm diameters in steel, as well as 1.00” and 1.25” diameters in carbide at 10 times the cutting diameter. The product extension also includes Capto C4 and C5 connections in 25 mm diameter along with HSK-T63 connections in diameters of 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm.