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Waterjet Series For Large Applications

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Designed to meet even the largest requirements while maintaining tight tolerances, the R-series waterjets from WardJet, Inc. are available in eight standard sizes. The machines feature 12” of Z-axis travel, bellows on the X axis and a lip seal design for multiple independent carriages on the Y axis. Available in 9-ft or 13-ft versions, the Y axis allows for a full 8 ft or 12 ft range of motion with one cutting head when a second Z carriage is parked. Multiple cutting heads are available, and laser calibration on all systems maps ballscrews and racks. Finally, users can mount additional crossbeams on the same side rails.


All of the company’s waterjets are available with options such as variable-delivery mini-hoppers, laser alignment, milling heads and bevel cutting heads. Manufacturers can add these at any point after the machine is installed. Other optional add-ons include drills, reamers, height sensors, wireless pendants, optical tracing eyes, programmable Z axes, automatic lubrication of bearings and pipe cutters.



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