Waterjet System Designed for Prototyping, Personal Use

IMTS 2018: Omax’s ProtoMax personal abrasive waterjet system is a self-installed cutting system for prototyping and low-volume cutting of material 1" thick.


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Omax’s ProtoMax personal abrasive waterjet system is a compact, self-installed cutting system intended for prototyping and low-volume cutting of almost any material as thick as1". The system is meant for small job shops, but it is also a useful addition for large shops and fabricators that need occasional waterjet capabilities to complement their other cutting systems.

The company will also display some of its other waterjet cutting technology, such as the Maxiem 1530 with A-Jet, the MicroMax and the 80X series with Tilt-a-Jet. 


  • Why Not Waterjet?

    Waterjet cutting has carved a legitimate niche in material fabrication. This article looks at the process with an eye toward how waterjet can work for your shop.

  • A Waterjet Machining Center that Fits

    At first, abrasive waterjet machines were naturally at home in the fabricating shop. Today, certain models resemble a typical, fully enclosed CNC machine and they fit well in a machining job shop setting.

  • Why Not Start With Waterjet?

    In titanium, significant savings and process efficiency can result from the simple fact that abrasive waterjet cutting leaves the remaining stock intact.