Weldcote's C-Prime Roll-On, Turn-On Ceramic Discs Feature Extended Tool Life

C-Prime quick-change, roll-on and turn-on ceramic discs from Weldcote are designed for finishing, grinding, deburring and blending applications.


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Weldcote C-Prime discs


C-Prime quick-change, roll-on and turn-on ceramic discs from Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, are designed for finishing, grinding, deburring and blending applications on steel, stainless steel, and ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The ceramic grain structure of the roll-on model is available in seven grits ranging from 24 to 120 for the 2" disc size and six grits ranging from 24 to 120 in the 3" disc. Turn-on discs are available in six grits ranging from 36 to 120 for the 2" disc and three grits ranging from 36 to 80 for the 3" disc.

Weldcote says it has developed a ceramic abrasive grain with a finer crystallized structure that offers longer life, more aggressive grains and improved self-sharpening features when compared to traditional ceramic products. The ceramic grain improvements are said to provide higher metal removal rates at faster cutting speeds with lower grinding temperatures and less friction.

C-Prime tools do not require special tools for installation. Built-in twist-on/twist-off attachment systems enable rapid disc change to minimize downtime.


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