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Wide Magnetic Alloy Strips

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The company expects its Hiperco 50 alloy and Hiperco 50-HS alloy strip variation, in widths as high 12" (320 mm) and thicknesses of 0.020" (0.5 mm), to offer engineers the design flexibility to make large devices. Typical applications include aerospace power generators and magnetic bearings.

The new strip is expanded from an industry maximum of 10" width, which, the company says, reduces the need for segmented laminations. Laminations for rotors and stators are generally produced by stamping, laser cutting or wire EDM.

The Hiperco 50 alloy also has high magnetic saturation, while its companion grade, Hiperco 50-HS alloy, has higher yield strength, which may be used for either power generation or magnetic bearing applications where rotational speeds are high.

Both alloy variations are iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic materials, which exhibit magnetic saturation of around 24 kilogauss.