Wireless System Automates Data Collection

DataSure is a wireless, factory-floor data collection system that uses radio transmission to cover thousands of square feet while reliably preserving measurement data integrity, the company says. Suited for use in a small shop, metrology lab or large plant, the system interfaces with most electronic measuring tools and software and can be installed on PCs that run Windows XP Professional. The system not only automates data collection, but also replaces costly and cumbersome wiring to let users bring the measuring device to the work for more application flexibility and safety, the company says. The data collection system consists of miniature radios (end nodes) that connect to the data output ports of electronic tools, a gateway that connects to a PC via a USB or serial port and signal routers which extend the system's range in 100-ft increments. The gateway can accommodate as many as 100 measuring tools using the integral virtual multiplexer. The system gathers data from the measuring tool and sends it to the software. A confirmation signal is sent back to the tool to indicate the data was received. In the event that the host system is down or busy, readings can be stored at the end node and re-sent until they are safely recorded. Collected data can then be analyzed.

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