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11/15/2003 | 1 MINUTE READ

Yag Laser Marking System

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The Beamer Yag laser marking system uses Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser technology. The company says the system is versatile; it performs non-contact marking and engraving of steels, carbide, ceramics, plastics, glass, aluminum, black oxided steels, wood and more. The laser is "Q-switched" or cycled at very short pulses in order to optimize peak power for effective material interaction, according to the company. Them beam quality is said to provide a tightly focused, precise laser spot with power density. The system runs on 110 AC current and doesn't require chillers of any type. The pump energy is mostly converted, not stored as heat. With no flashlamp, associated maintenance such as frequent lamp replacement, resonator re-alignment, water and filter changes, is eliminated, the company says. According to the company, it takes one day to install the system and train personnel. The software is said to be powerful, yet easy to use. The Class I cabinet is designed for fast loading of parts or trays with minimal effort, the company says. There is a built-in red diode laser that projects the perimeter outline of the area to be marked, to guide users in setup. An additional external angled red diode light (only needs to be set once) keeps the laser focus set as users change to different part sizes. The system comes complete with the power supply (rack), resonator (laser), focusing optics (focal lens), scanning head (Galvos), computer (including DSP board and software), mouse, keyboard and monitor and a Class I cabinet and controls. An optional tooling package includes an X,Y table; vise and a pair of "V" blocks. Other custom and optional items include a custom cabinet per user requirements; additional lens FL 100 or FL 254 (FL 160 is standard); programmable X,Y table; programmable rotary table; and part fixturing or trays.
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