Zeltwanger Processing Platform Enables Laser Integration

The X-Cell processing platform is designed for the integration of laser applications, enabling a range of functions within the cell.


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Zeltwanger X-Cell

The processing platform X-CELL from Zeltwager was designed for the integration of laser applications. It is also suitable as a laboratory system for process development or as a manufacturing platform for series production.

The X-CELL is equipped with a laser source and optics as standard. This enables laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking, among other things, within the cell. In addition, assembly, screwing and leak testing processes can be integrated. Due to the standardized and modular concept, the user can easily adapt and expand the system, according to the company. For example, if the number of items increases, additional optics, clamping devices or sources can be quickly integrated into the cell. Different supply systems, such as drawers, a rotary indexing table or a belt circulation with lifts, are available to adapt the system to the respective production conditions.

With new electric drive concepts, as well as with conventional drives, the laser serves as “enabling technology” in mass production, Zeltwanger says. In many cases, the required cycle times can be reached by means of laser process application. The X-CELL is equipped with a clamping system also developed by Zeltwanger for increasing production volume. This module is designed to compensate for manufacturing and assembly tolerances so that a process-reliable hairpin contact can be realized. The clamping system can be retrofitted to different stator variants. Various process monitoring systems can be used to check the seam quality.