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PUBLISHED: 7/20/2018

Pallet Handling System Expands to Support Production Changes

IMTS 2018: Liebherr is displaying its PHS Allround pallet handling system, designed for enabling flexible production with four- and five-axis machining centers.

PUBLISHED: 7/16/2018

Mobile Robotic Systems Automate Turning Machines

IMTS 2018: DMG MORI will be displaying a range of automation products, including the second-generation Robo2Go mobile robotic automation system for turning machines.

PUBLISHED: 7/13/2018

Robot Combines Collaborative Robot Arm with Mobile Platform

IMTS 2018: Kuka’s autonomous KMR iiwa robot combines the company’s collaborative LBR iiwa robot with a flexible, mobile platform. 

PUBLISHED: 7/11/2018

Handling System Eases Operator Access, Provides Storage

IMTS 2018: Hermle’s HS Flex handling system is a compact automation tool that fits the company’s Performance-Line and High-Performance-Line models.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Pallet Changers Accommodate High Volumes, Tight Tolerances

IMTS 2018: Midaco has expanded its line of pallet changers to accommodate high-volume, large, precision parts machined to tight tolerances.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Autonomous Mobile Platform Transports with Accuracy, Safety

IMTS 2018: Kuka’s KMP 1500 is an autonomously controlled, omnidirectional mobile platform that can independently transport products through all process steps.

PUBLISHED: 7/4/2018

Cobot Arms Enable More Applications, Easier Programming

IMTS 2018: Universal Robots’s UR3e, UR5e and UR10e E-series collaborative robot arms enable faster development for more applications and offer easier programming.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2018

Automation Products Ease High-Mix, Low-Volume Production

IMTS 2018: Fastems LLC’s automation products are designed to handle high-mix, low-volume production.

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2018

Automation Systems Designed for High Mix, Low Volume

Fastems LLC has designed a line of manufacturing systems to handle shorter product lifecycles, higher product mixes and lower volumes.

PUBLISHED: 4/26/2018

App Monitors Robots to Predict Failures, Prevent Downtime

Predictronics has launched an off-the-shelf robot health analysis and visualization application. 

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