Cheto Introduces ATC for Switching Between Milling, Gundrilling


IMTS Spark: Cheto Corp. has created an automatic toolchanger (ATC) for its deep-hole drilling and milling machines.

Hoffman's Garant Power Q Double Uses Three-Part Cutting Edge Guide


IMTS Spark: Hoffman Group’s Garant Power Q Double all-rounder is part of a series of tools designed for high-feed-rate milling.

Big Kaiser's EWA68 Boring Head System Compensates for Tool Wear


IMTS Spark: Big Kaiser Precision Tooling’s EWA68 closed-loop boring system features an intelligent, fully automatic fine boring head.

Emuge's Circle Segment End Mills Shorten Five-Axis Cycle Times


IMTS Spark: Emuge’s circle segment cutters are designed to remove more material in fewer passes during five-axis machining

Bel Air's AutoHone Uses Robot Arm to Insert, Remove, Clean and Dry Parts


Bel Air’s AutoHone reverse drag finisher rotates the media instead of the parts, which are then dipped into the flowing media in a rotating bin.

YG-1's ENMX High-Feed Milling Tools Provide Insert Clamping Security


IMTS Spark: YG-1’s ENMX High-Feed Mill 4 is a series of small-diameter cutting tools developed to meet stringent demands of versatility, productivity and process stability.

Star SU's Single-Flute Gundrills Suitable for Medical Device Machining


Star SU’s solid carbide gundrills are designed for work in medical-grade materials such as titanium and stainless steel.

Suhner's BEX 15 Spindle Head Performs Milling, Drilling


Suhner’s BEX 15 spindle head has a maximum spindle speed of 23,000 rpm for improved in-line production.

Ceratizit's FreeTurn Tooling Combines Different Cutting Edge Properties for Flexibility


Ceratizit’s FreeTurn tooling is designed to be used with its High Dynamic Turning (HDT) method, which is said to enable roughing, finishing, contour turning, face turning and longitudinal turning with a single tool.

Dormer Pramet Offers Cutting Tools for Maintenance, Repair Applications


Dormer Pramet offers a range of cutting tools and accessories aimed at maintenance and repair (MRO), including drills, taps, dies, reamers, end mills and rotary burrs.