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PUBLISHED: 6/16/2020

ShopFloorConnect 6.0 Collects Data from All Machines for OEE Reporting

Version 6.0 of Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect OEE and shopfloor data collection software gathers downtime and production efficiency data from every machine.

PUBLISHED: 5/20/2020

Siemens Manage MyMachines Offers Entry-Level CNC Machine Monitoring

Siemens’ Manage MyMachines is a cloud-based platform as a service enabling full tracking of machine kinematics as well as production data.

PUBLISHED: 3/4/2020

EZMaintain's Maintenance Software Communicates with Sensors

EZMaintain’s cloud-based CMMS is designed to help manage assets, schedule breakdown and preventive maintenance, and track work orders from a single dashboard.

PUBLISHED: 2/18/2020

VocalZoom's Vibration Sensors Operate, Channel Data Wirelessly

VocalZoom’s autonomous sensors combine contactless, high-resolution vibration sensor technology with built-in data processing and wireless communications for low-cost and fast deployment.

PUBLISHED: 12/16/2019

Index Traub's Data-Driven iX4.0 Software Connects and Monitors Machine Tools

Index Traub offers iX4.0, which integrates Index and Traub machines as digital twins.

PUBLISHED: 11/25/2019

Marposs' C-Thru4.0 Collects Data from Multiple Machines for Analysis

C-Thru4.0 is designed to collect and process data from multiple machine tools equipped with Artis machine monitoring systems via a central hub.

PUBLISHED: 11/14/2019

TDM Systems' Global Line 2019 Software Combines Workflow, Tracking Capabilities

With the new release of TDM Global Line 2019, TDM Systems offers many of the functions of its core solution.

PUBLISHED: 11/7/2019

DMG MORI's WERKBLiQ Platform Streamlines Production Maintenance Management

DMG MORI’s WERKBLiQ platform is designed to simplify and streamline maintenance processes in production.

PUBLISHED: 11/7/2019

Caron's DTect-IT Sensor and Software Suite Capable of Various Machine Monitoring Applications

Caron Engineering’s DTect-IT, originally designed only for vibration detection, is now capable of communicating with multiple sensors, including vibration, strain (measuring force), high-precision power and analog.

PUBLISHED: 9/24/2019

NUMmonitor Software Enables Monitoring of Transfer and Multi-Process Machines

NUM’s NUMmonitor software is said to enable users of multi-process CNC machine tools such as transfer machines to implement process monitoring without incurring additional hardware costs.