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PUBLISHED: 1/6/2011

Wire EDM Offers Speed, Accuracy

The AccuteX AX-1165 EDM from Absolute is a heavy-duty wire machine that accommodates workpieces weighing as much as 9,000 lbs.

PUBLISHED: 8/11/2010

Ram EDMs Designed for Long, Unattended Operation

The EDAF series of ram EDMs features a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion.

PUBLISHED: 4/12/2010

Advance Wire EDM

The FA10S Advance wire EDM features the M700 series Mitsubishi control.

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2010

Stainless Steel Collets

Beaumont Machine offers an ER16 spring collet made from 300 series stainless steel.

PUBLISHED: 9/9/2009

EDM For Semiconductor Industry

Beaumont Machine’s six-axis FH30 EDM features 30" × 16" × 22" of X-, Y- and Z-axis travel; spindle speeds ranging to 3,000 rpm; and rapid speeds ranging to 300 ipm. The machine can accommodate a maximum workpiece weight of 800 lbs.

PUBLISHED: 9/9/2009

Wire-Cut EDM For Oil Dielectric

GF AgieCharmilles’ CUT 1000 OilTech wire-cut EDM is designed for precision machining of materials better-suited to oil dielectric than water-based dielectric. The EDM is equipped with built-in thermo stabilization.

PUBLISHED: 7/8/2009

Automated Cell Combines Wire EDM, Waterjet Technologies

Mitsubishi’s MD+CELL combines the MD+PROII wire EDM with a Suprema DX44 waterjet for high speed and precision in one automated unit, minimizing operator intervention and maximizing unattended run time. The MD+CELL employs a Mitsubishi MELFA six-axis...

PUBLISHED: 4/10/2009

EDMs, Waterjets For Precision Machining

The FA10S Advance wire EDM features an M700 series Mitsubishi control. The Windows-based system with 15" LCD touchscreen display provides a simple menu configuration for easy navigation, the company says. The machine features 3D adaptive EDM contr...

PUBLISHED: 4/9/2009

EDM, Five-Axis Machine Designed For Productivity

 The FO350 S ram EDM is said to increase productivity and enable fine, shiny surface finishes. The FO350S works in "blade" type applications and pre-roughed 3D cavities. It is designed with a double thermostabilization system that prevents the imp...

PUBLISHED: 4/9/2009

Wire EDM For General, Medical Production

The Fanuc iMed wire EDM is designed for continuous production of parts such as aerospace components, medical instruments and implants. It uses brass wire (0. 004" to 0.