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PUBLISHED: 9/9/2009

EDM For Semiconductor Industry

Beaumont Machine’s six-axis FH30 EDM features 30" × 16" × 22" of X-, Y- and Z-axis travel; spindle speeds ranging to 3,000 rpm; and rapid speeds ranging to 300 ipm. The machine can accommodate a maximum workpiece weight of 800 lbs.

PUBLISHED: 7/8/2009

Automated Cell Combines Wire EDM, Waterjet Technologies

Mitsubishi’s MD+CELL combines the MD+PROII wire EDM with a Suprema DX44 waterjet for high speed and precision in one automated unit, minimizing operator intervention and maximizing unattended run time. The MD+CELL employs a Mitsubishi MELFA six-axis...

PUBLISHED: 1/9/2009

Rotary Indexing Spindle For EDM

Hirschmann Engineering has combined the H80R. MNCM high speed rotary indexing spindle with the H1625. AC3 fully programmable, variable speed AC control to produce miniature, round parts with small diameters and fine finishes.

PUBLISHED: 6/19/2008

Hybrid Machine Combines Wire EDM, Waterjet

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2008

Profile PCD Tools On Wire EDM

The PCD Edge system allows the profiling of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools using a Fanuc iD series wire EDM machine. The system consists of programming/probing/cutting software; a microfinish power supply/generator for cutting PCD; a H...

PUBLISHED: 9/18/2007

System Profiles PCD Tools On A Wire EDM

The PCD Edge System is said to allow quick and precise profiling of PCD cutting tools using a Fanuc iC series wire EDM. Available from Methods EDM, the system consists of programming/probing/cutting software, a micro-finish power supply for cutting...

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2005

Vertical Vise For Wire EDM(2)

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2004

Fifth Axis For Wire EDM

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2004

CNC EDM Machine

PUBLISHED: 1/5/2004

Stand-alone Filter System