Profile PCD Tools On Wire EDM


The PCD Edge system allows the profiling of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools using a Fanuc iD series wire EDM machine. The system consists of programming/probing/cutting software; a microfinish power supply/generator for cutting PCD; a Hirschmann rotary axis; a machine-mounted Renishaw probe; and a tool clamping system.

System Profiles PCD Tools On A Wire EDM


The PCD Edge System is said to allow quick and precise profiling of PCD cutting tools using a Fanuc iC series wire EDM. Available from Methods EDM, the system consists of programming/probing/cutting software, a micro-finish power supply for cutting PCD, a Hirschmann rotary axis, a Renishaw probe (mounted on the EDM) and a tool-clamping system.

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