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PUBLISHED: 7/8/2009

Data Collection Software Streamlines Machine Maintenance

Available from Shop Floor Automations, Manufacturing data collection (MDC) is a data collection tool that tracks and reports machine activity to help streamline jobs on the shop floor. Specifically designed and built for CNC machines, it can also t...

PUBLISHED: 7/8/2009

Point-Cloud Processing Software For Reverse Engineering And Inspection

Wilcox Associates, a Hexagon Metrology company, has developed the PC-DMIS Reshaper, a stand-alone 3D point-cloud processing program that can be used to collect or import large quantities of 3D point data for manipulation and processing for downstrea...

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2009

Color-Coded Plant Floor Monitoring

Freedom eLog from MAG Industrial Automation Systems is plant-floor monitoring software designed to provide around-the-clock intelligence on machine uptime. The software uses color coding to identify various machining events. For example, on Web-ba...

PUBLISHED: 12/3/2008

Monitor Shopfloor Activity

Distributed by Shop Floor Automations, the fully automated Predator MDC allows users to monitor machine activity, track jobs and manage personnel. The release of v8. 0 is said to be faster, easier and more comprehensive than previous versions.

PUBLISHED: 11/20/2008

Feature-Based Cost Estimating Module

MTI Systems has released a feature-based cost estimating module within its flagship product, Costimator. Costimator V9. 0 provides users with feature-based cost models for machining and sheet metal fabrication.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2008

Finite And Infinite Scheduling Software

JobBoss 11 finite and infinite scheduling software allows users complete scheduling control, the company says. The software is said to provide job shops and contract/make-to-order manufacturers with flexible capacity, short-term and long-term pl...

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2008

Resolver To Converter Board Unit Ensures Reference Position

The Vega Model 2790504 resolver to SSI converter board is said to offer the ruggedness of a resolver and the simplicity of an SSI interface. It is suitable for use in nuclear and other harsh environment applications. The unit may be used with virtua...

PUBLISHED: 2/20/2008

Eliminate Witness Lines

PUBLISHED: 2/20/2008

Reduce/Eliminate Need To Spray Reflective Parts For 3D Scanning