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PUBLISHED: 9/28/2010

Waterjet Pump Increases Operating Life

The EnduroMAX pump, which is designed for Omax JetMachining Centers, is said to double operating life, decrease part processing time, lower operating costs and ease maintenance.

PUBLISHED: 9/9/2010

Fully Automatic 2D Short Gantry Flying Optic Laser System

Han-Kwang USA’s PS 3015 short gantry, 2D flying optic laser system is capable of accommodating 60" × 120" workpieces.

PUBLISHED: 9/9/2010

Five-Axis Waterjet Cuts Virtually any Material

Jet Edge’s Idro line of five-axis precision waterjet cutting machines is capable of cutting virtually any material, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2010

Software and Controllers for Marking Machines

The I-Mark I-series dot-peen marking system from Columbia Marking Tools is equipped with marking head, system controller, cables and programming software.

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2010

Entry-Level Laser Marking

The TF410 fiber laser marking solution from Technifor is an entry-level version for medium- and large-run applications for automotive, medical, electrical and mechanical components applications.

PUBLISHED: 5/26/2010

High-Definition Combination Plasma Head

The Hypertherm Powermax 45 mechanized plasma head is available for MultiCam’s 3000 and 6000 series CNC plasma machines.

PUBLISHED: 12/9/2009

High-Performance Abrasive Waterjets

Omax’s Maxiem 1530 waterjet is equipped with a 30-hp, direct-drive, 50,000-psi pump. The machine features an X- and Y-axis traction drive system that is designed to handle an abrasive environment.

PUBLISHED: 9/9/2009

Abrasive Removal System Offers Easy Setup, Operation

Available from Chukar Waterjet, the Waterjet Cyclone abrasive removal system is a cyclonic garnet extraction machine that removes as much as 10 lbs of garnet abrasive per minute from any waterjet cutting system. The machine features a 1-yd.

PUBLISHED: 9/8/2009

Film Protects Sheet Metal During Laser Cutting

Novacel’s 4226REN film protects metal such as stainless steel during laser cutting. The company says the film is guaranteed not to peel off or form air bubbles during cutting.

PUBLISHED: 7/8/2009

Automated Cell Combines Wire EDM, Waterjet Technologies

Mitsubishi’s MD+CELL combines the MD+PROII wire EDM with a Suprema DX44 waterjet for high speed and precision in one automated unit, minimizing operator intervention and maximizing unattended run time. The MD+CELL employs a Mitsubishi MELFA six-axis...