Zünd's Single-, Dual-Beam Routers Allow for Numerous Automation Options


IMTS Spark: Zünd offers the G3/S3 and dual-beam D3 cutting systems for custom routing and prototyping in composites and technical textiles, gasket materials, foams, plastics and other rigid and flexible materials.

Sugino's Cavitation Waterjet Process Offers Shot Peening Alternative


IMTS Spark: Sugino debuts its new cavitation watejet peening technology.

Alpha Laser's AL-Rock Mobile Robot System Performs Laser Hardening, Cladding


IMTS Spark: The AL-Rock system from Alpha Laser is a mobile robot designed for targeted laser hardening and cladding of metal surfaces.

Coherent's EasyMark XL Provides Expanding Working Range


The EasyMark XL from Coherent is a fully integrated desktop laser marking system.

Amada Miyachi's WL-300A Laser Workstation Marks Larger Parts


Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A laser processing workstation is designed for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications.

Ewag Laser Line Ultra Fabricates Micro Tools from Hard Alloys


As products grow thinner and lighter to meet the needs of the electronics, medical and micromechanics industries, United Grinding and Ewag have developed the Laser Line

Foba's Y.0200-S Laser Marker Meets High Production Demands


Foba Laser’s Y.0200-S laser marking device features a compact design for greater versatility.

WardJet’s X-1530 Bundled with Multi-Touch Software


Westec 2019: WardJet’s X-1530 is a versatile, mid-sized waterjet with a footprint of less than 115 ft².

AgieCharmilles Laser S Texturing Machine Reduces Quality Deviations


The AgieCharmilles Laser S series, available from GF Machining Solutions, provides a solution to what the company sees as the limitations of conventional and manual surface texturing methods.

A 12-kW Fiber Laser Increases Productivity on Bystronic's ByStar Fiber Machine


Bystronic has introduced the ByStar Fiber with a stronger 12-kW fiber laser enabling use of the BeamShaper option, which is designed to ensure consistent cutting quality on varied materials up to 1.125" in thickness.