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PUBLISHED: 10/1/2019

Starrett's No. 3823 and 3824 Hardness Testers Enable High-Accuracy Measurements

L.S. Starrett’s digital Rockwell/superficial Rockwell benchtop hardness testers No. 3823 and 3824 include fully automated loading and unloading procedures.

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2019

Hexagon's RS6 3D Laser Scanner Can Measure at Higher Accuracy While Maintaining Speed

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s RS6 3D laser scanner is designed for use with the Absolute Arm seven-axis portable measuring arm system.

PUBLISHED: 8/7/2019

Mitutoyo ’s MiStar 555 Eliminates Need for Environmentally Controlled CMM Enclosure

Mitutoyo’s MiStar 555 CNC shopfloor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) operates without compressed air and on conventional 120-V, 20-A electrical service with movement speeds of 606 mm/sec. and acceleration of 2,695 mm/sec.² (3D).

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2019

Zeiss' Metrotom 800 Anticipates Hybrid Workpieces

Westec 2019: Zeiss’ Metrotom 800 is a computed tomograph engineered with the ongoing development of new materials and the growth in the manufacturing of hybrid workpieces in mind.

PUBLISHED: 7/22/2019

Creaform’s Go!Scan Spark Enables Users to Quickly Measure Complex Surfaces

Westec 2019: Creaform’s Go!Scan Spark is a professional-grade 3D scanner for additive manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 7/18/2019

High QA's Inspection Manager Automatically Extracts GD&T Requirements from CAD

Westec 2019: High QA’s Inspection Manager quality management software includes one-click architecture to automatically extract geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) requirements from 2D drawings and 3D models.

PUBLISHED: 7/18/2019

Big Kaiser’s Speroni STP Essentia Enables Offline Tool Measurement

Westec 2019: Big Kaiser’s Speroni STP Essentia tool presetting and measuring system performs measurements next to machine tools.

PUBLISHED: 7/12/2019

Haimer Microset Uno Autofocus Minimizes Machine Idle Time

Westec 2019: The Haimer Microset UNO Autofocus automatically focuses on cutting edges so they can be measured quickly by the operator.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2019

Starrett’s HDV300 and HDV400 Improve Accuracy, Illumination

Westec 2019: The new generation of L.S. Starrett’s HDV300 and HDV400 benchtop digital video comparators are said to provide increases in speed, illumination, design and convenience.

PUBLISHED: 7/2/2019

Western Gage’s Micro IIi Air Gage Readouts Provide 5-Microinch Resolution

Westec: Western’s Micro IIi Air Gage Readouts provide fast and accurate measurements of internal and external diameters.